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Dixie with a Bloodied face after killing a woodchuck

This was a costly kill. I had to take three of my four dogs to the vet after this woodchuck kill. But this was special because Dixie and her terrier-kill instinct was the first to get to this little vermin. She was cut and needed stitches, but she was so happy. The big dogs all followed her because she was the only one small enough to get in to the tight spot from where they got the woodchuck. Marshall had a cut toe, Rory had a sliced neck, Buffy had a bloody lip, and Dixie had stitches and a head cone, but she was so happy. Victory in war on the vermin. She's gushing her own blood but prancing around in celebratory victory like I'd never seen her do. While the vet bills sucked and the nursing of the animals for two weeks was a pain, it was cool to see Dixie leading the charge. She's normally secondary but not this night.


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