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I Respond to Those Who Wished My Wife Death

Updated: Jun 4

Please Note: If you are vaxcinated and do not wish to force my wife, my children or me to get vaxcinated, I have no problem with you. If you got vaxcinated, I wish you the best. What I'm about to write refers to those who act like my wife is trying to kill them because of her refusal to mess with her genes in what she and I believe is a blasphemous act analogous to giving God a giant hay-field-sized middle finger made up of burning Bibles. For those who believe in God, DNA is the blueprint of the human. It is the DNA's job to create the messenger RNAs - not the billionaires slinging experimental gene therapies dressed up as vaccines. They're not vaccines. These vaxcines are experiments that violate the Nuremberg Code simply because so many people have been experimented upon due to the demands of some "higher" power of earthly origins.

Furthermore, they violate the lessons of the book of Revelation whenever the unvaxcinated are denied the right to work, shop, be educated or be in public. If you don't believe in God and you live in so much fear of death that you can't understand this struggle, Satan thanks you for your efforts to divide society and destroy civilization. If God's not with you, Satan will be right there for you. You may not believe in Satan, but he believes in you. Right now, he's riding you like an ugly French hooker with his ashtray duct taped to your backside because he wants to see your face about as much as he wants to show you his. Congrats. Below is what I say to you.

To those unaware, the Nuremberg Code was developed to prevent another rise of a Nazi regime that would commit experimental “medical” atrocities. The first principle of the code is that “voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential in any experiment on humans.” Without the consent of those getting injected with a vaxcine that is actually a non-FDA approved experimental gene therapy unlike anything humans have ever been subjected to, those that give these shots to those who are being forced to take them are no better than the Nazis experimenting on all the people before liquidation in the death camps.

“I was just following orders,” isn’t going to cut it when this all gets sorted out in the end. Whether that is in the court system of a rejuvenated Constitutional Republic, with a gunshot to the face or at the locked pearly gates of heaven, I do not know. I just have faith it will get sorted out. God says, "Vengeance is mine," which I'm pretty sure means He's going to get it. In other words, the forced-vaxcinators will very likely find themselves paying the piper, because the piper needs to get paid. You know, because our governor put him out of work for refusing to get vaxcinated. The piper's coming for you, and now he's got an AR-15 and an axe - his flute stopped working after the invention of video games, so he pawn-shopped it for pizza money. While artists starve, the Pied Piper isn't an artist.

So, to those thinking my wife was a coward for standing athwart fascistic history while telling the vaxcinators to stop, I say she’s the bravest person on the planet. Even though she knew Covid might affect her in a terrible way or even kill her, she put her life on the line for what she believes – that we should have bodily autonomy because we are a free people. Unlike those who’ve relented and taken a vaxcine they knew they didn’t need just so they might not violate the rules of polite company, she put her life and reputation on the line for her beliefs. She was willing to die for her freedom, and almost did. Prayers, incredible attorneys, a wise judge, a brave soul who prescribed the Ivermectin, the Ivermectin, the ICU PAs and docs, and God’s will made sure she didn’t.

In the process of writing this, I decided not to actually respond to those who called for my wife to die for her unwillingness to get vaxcinated. Truth is, how in the world do you respond to such low-life cretins? There is nothing I could say that might save them from the hatred-inspired insanity that awaits them as they devolve into soulless-little-hate-machined Pavlovian guinea pigs jumping all over each other in their imaginary cages of their own creation like Nazified stooges fighting for the front of the line to get their next dose of government-funded gene therapy in a syringe. Instead of responding to them, I’d rather have you read their comments for yourself. It is eye opening and a brilliant lesson on how living life oppressed by the spirit of fear can turn a man into a monster.

With over 1300 calls for my wife's demise, here's a quick taste of what awaits your eyes:

"Go fund me"? Fuck that,you caused this yourself sweetheart,deal with it.
sorry. I don't want ayesha to get better unless she can be awoken from her spell of cult thoughts
Wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’. (My apologies to Dusty Springfield). Ayesha wants to Live Free or Die. We can hope for the latter. That was her wish. We wouldn’t want to deny that to her.

She didn't deserve to recover from this. Sad for all the people who do deserve to recover and then don't. If they needed to raise money for her lawyers, I wonder how they will be paying the medical bills. If her copay is a percentage of the emergency care (and it usually is), then a long term hospital stay with intense treatment like this is going to cost more than her moron friends will be able to raise with gofundme. Welcome back to the land of the living; enjoy your upcoming bankruptcy.

COVID, you had ONE job....

Apparently it was to kill Ayesha. These are definitely not your daddy's Sunday-School values.

An unsatisfactory outcome.

Here is the sorryantivaxxer dot com website dedicated to the collective wishing for my wife’s death. Read the comments that follow the postings they took from my wife's facebook page, and consider the level of hatred behind them while thinking about Newton’s third law of motion – For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. If you judge my wife by her enemies, she must be pretty dang good. Read these. Also, read the comments under Rochester’s politician/news girl Rachel Barnhart’s Tweet on my wife.

Barnhart was more concerned that my wife’s imminent death would more likely be blamed on her barbaric treatment with Ivermectin than that her death would serve as a lesson to the unwashed masses of the unvaxcinated - the dirty plebiscites that must be removed from civilization, perhaps with the creation of some modern-day Jim Crowvid Laws. While she did wish Ayesha a full recovery in a politically correct way (you know, because she's an elected politician), she made no effort to get her followers to cease their praying to whatever demons they worship for my wife's painful slaughter in the names of all the vaxcinated storm-trooping do-gooders.

Barnhart knows Ayesha from several years ago when Ayesha and Tommy Davis destroyed Rachel and the recently deposed-in-disgrace Mayor Lovely Warren in a debate about race in politics. Barnhart may pretend she didn’t know my wife in that tweet, but the sting of defeat from that night will needle her until the day she dies or the day she gives up her utopian dreams as an angry red-headed socialist with fascistic tendencies. I’ve been reading her twitter feed for over a year now, just to keep an eye on crazy. She's crazy in the flesh.

"Follow the Science" or "Believe in the science," people – however the junk-science worshipers describe their supposed enlightenment these days. According to Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion, anyone who can inspire such an evil level of hatred must be pretty danged good. That’s my wife, and she's still alive suckers.

So, instead of responding to my wife's detractors, out of pity, I've decided to forgive them. I forgive you all. My wife is still alive, while your words suggest you're all dead inside. SorryProVaxxers, my wife and I have decided to live life and not throw it away over the fact that those who've complied with the vax rules, from a weak position of fear, hate us for not following them off the lemming cliff of sanity. We will not comply to your fears.

Thank you all,


But no thanks to this guy. Like I said, this is what hatred does to a man.



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Matt, thank you so much for writing this article about the truth of the hatred going around against those who would resist the jab. Sue and I have not taken it and now many in our own family have disowned us. It is so obvious that this is a fore-warning of the things written in the book of Revelation as well as Matthew 24, Timothy and other places in the bible. I am most disappointed in those so-called Christians that cannot see the handwriting on the wall. This is just a trial run to get people conditioned to receive the mark of the beast, where you will not be able to buy or sell without the mark. Even now people…


I rarely if ever agree with anything Mrs. Kreutz has to say publicly. We are diametrically opposed on all views related to racism/white supremacy. However, I am very glad she recovered from her sickness and I respect and agree with her stand on the "jab". Everything bad thing those people wished on her may one day be better than their own fate. Best wishes to her and I hope she continues in good health. I look forward to arguing with her on fb real soon.


This was beautiful and awful to read all at once… Ayesha has a hundred fold more well wishers of all faiths than these “ppl” could ever hope to have. God bless you for this well thought out, honest and gut punch of an article Matt.


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