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Lifting the roof on the tree-house skeleton

The tree house was made on the bones of an old raised and unfinished building for the kids who lived here before us. The roof was too low for adults. The floor was 8 by 8 and the balcony was 2 by 8, making it 8 by 10. I decided to put the beds off the sides so they wouldn't take up the 8 by 8, and i made the old balcony part of the inner tree-house floor, making it 8 by 10 with the beds coming 2 feet off the side. You'll see what I'm talking about in the future. Then I built a balcony/deck off the old 8 by 2. My deck was 12 by 8, and it looks out over the pasture.

These are photos of raising the roof. I cut the four posts and brought in new post and connected the old roof bones to the new posts with some carriage bolts. I had help though. Lifting that roof alone probably would have been hard.


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