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New Chickens and Robin's nest

Here are some photos of our new chickens. They will lay blue, green and dark red eggs, and they're called Easter eggers. From left to right is Gilligan, Lovey, Thurston Howell the III, Skipper and Ginger. We already had the professor and Marianne. Now we have a whole Gilligan's Island. Gilligan the Grey, the Howells are blue bloods who lay blue eggs, the skipper is the biggest, and Ginger is a ginger. The ole lady and I figured that out while sitting out on the tree house deck one evening. There are also some photos of the robin's nest that was up in the tree right next to the tree house deck. It had three Robins originally. Two made it out, the third fell. Shalom, Levi and I tried to save it. No luck. Had to go to some party, and by the time we'd gotten back the little Robin had died. Needed water, which we gave her through a medicine dropper.


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