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Our old Chicken Coop Went up in flames one night

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Just as I was getting into bed, our neighbor knocked on our door around midnight to tell us our barn was on fire. I had terrible thoughts, knowing there were gas tanks in the barn and animals too. I threw on clothes and ran out. My one kid turned on the water that fills the horse trough, while my other called the fire department. Ayesha was still on oxygen from the Chyna Virus, so she stayed in the house. I put it out, the firemen got there and finished the job. Looks like the thermostat on my heated bowl might have gone bad and started the fire. I now keep the bowls away from the coop. Luckily, the rest of the lean-too didn't catch on fire, nor did my barn. No animals died. I built a new coop with one piece of plywood and some wood that Mike gave me that was left over from the barn he just built. It's all Amish-milled Ash from behind my house that Mike had cut down. When I wasn't taking care of Ayesha, I did get to help build the barn. It's nice.


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