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Some Horse and Chicken Videos

Amos is presently out of his mind. His best buddy Dusty was just shipped off to get training, and Amos couldn't handle it. He was wailing for days. Here he's just running back and forth to get my attention. He got it.

My newest chickens are more active than my older ones. They love coming up to the tree house and hanging there.

Here are the new chickens as chicks. There were originally 6, but one jumped from Levi's clutches and died a couple of days later.

Here they are exploring the side of the barn. At this early stage of being outside, they never ventured too far from the chicken tractor that we set up to separate them from the big chickens.

Here's the robin that fell from the tree. We tried to nurse her to health, but it didn't work. Here we are trying to see if she'd fly. No such luck.


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