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This is a pair of mating geese I've been driving by daily

The mother is keeping the eggs warm on the hill on the island in the pond behind the trees and reeds. The father is guarding the mother. They've been occupying this pond island and the trails around the pond for about 3 to 4 weeks now. Because I haven't represented any danger, they let me drive by without taking off these days. In the old days, they'd fly off whenever I came around, leaving the eggs to the mercy of vermin. It took some time to earn this trust. I was even able to get off my four wheeler and get within 10 feet of the geese to take photos. They did not kick my butt. They are really pretty, but not as pretty as the pheasant I saw the other day. I got within 10 feet of the pheasant after I saw it hanging with my chickens and walked with it into the woods. No gun or camera to shoot it though.


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